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I’m guessing if you are reading this you are on the Real Estate business owner’s journey or about to embark on it. You’ve no doubt arrived here because you’re good at what you do.

One of the most common an important conversations I have with people like yourself is around getting ‘stuck’ on that journey. My goal is to help people travel that journey in the most profitable, fastest and least painful way. To do that I need them to first of all, understand and gain insight into what ‘stuck’ means.   Let me share some ideas around that.

We have defined very clear stages in the life of a Real Estate business.   Identifying where you are on the journey is the critical first step to planning , and more importantly executing the transition to the next stage and beyond. When you don’t understand what lies ahead, and you don’t plan how you are going maneuver through it, the inevitable happens… you get ‘STUCK’.

All entrepreneurs start their journey with great passion and enthusiasm which feeds the energy they need to get things going.   It is this passion, energy and enthusiasm which makes you a leader, and gives you the impetus to get off the starting blocks in business. Your ability to sustain this energy through the journey, whilst working through the range of obstacles, roadblocks and achievements you will face, is what makes you a GREAT leaders.   In my experience this is what most of you will be aspiring to. If business ownership is your destiny then I think that it’s a fair guess that Leadership is in your DNA.   However, GREAT leadership most often needs to be learned.

There are a range of skills that GREAT leaders have or develop during their journey.   Some of these include Vision, Proactivity, Laser Focus, Quick decision making and actions, Healthy optimistic mindset, Openness to change, delegation and strong inclusive values. These are the attributes or characteristics which GREAT leaders user to avoid the STICKING points, and to keep moving to the next stage of their journey.

What many leaders tell me is that they are good at learning from their mistakes. .   They go through rough patches (where they are stuck for a while) ultimately and come out the other side wiser and better at what they do. This process is fraught with danger and risks. Firstly, it takes too long.   There are clear and direct pathways in the Business Journey and we are sure you want to take the most direct and fastest route.   Secondly, the costs are too high.   The price you pay both in energy and real $’s and the opportunities you miss when you rely on learning from your mistakes could be far better directed to resourcing your next stage – in particular growing your business and/or improving your results.

Maybe you’ve arrived at a spot where you have achieved a lot in your business, but for some reason you’ve never quite reached your expectations.   The profit you expected has eluded you, or the joy and excitement has faded.   When this happens it’s easier to identify that you are stuck, but often you don’t know why. .

The journey of an entrepreneur can be lonely and tough negotiating what seems like a mountain of issues daily.   Despite best intentions, the right team and what you believe is a good business, the obstacles keep getting in the way.

Your energy starts to fade, you start to lose enthusiasm, your team start to notice. What was once the thing that made you jump out of bed in the morning now keeps you up at night.

We call the ‘things that get in the way’ of your success – ‘PAIN POINTS’ or ‘STICKING POINTS’.   Every business has them. However, there are very real ways to both recognize when they are coming and to deal proactively to minimize their impact on you personally, your team and your business. .

If you would like to have a look at our version of the Business Journey and how to maneuver it, click on this LINK.   It shows you all the stages from Start Up to Success, helps you recognize where you are at and the milestones you need to achieve to move to the next and subsequent stages.

We hope you find this helpful and look forward to you hearing about your journey.  If we can help you with anything, even if just for a chat about your “pain points” then let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Rose Kelly


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