Do ‘Success’ Genes really exist?


I don’t know whether this resonates with you but as a business owner myself, there were and still are times when I feel vulnerable, exhausted, overwhelmed and uncertain.

In those moments it is easy to question oneself… Should I really be in this place? Am I meant to be a business owner? Why is this so difficult? Why don’t I feel like I am making progress? Over time and with experience I have come to realise there are no definitive answers and certainly no ‘one’ solution for everyone or every day.   Life in business is a constantly changing playing field, with constantly shifting variables and constantly moving goal posts.

That has led me to the question of whether there is some special or unique DNA that determines if a person will be successful in business. As a business coach, I see a whole range of results and outcomes. There are some who I think will struggle to drive, manage and be successful in their own enterprise yet they rise to the challenge, problem solve their way through, remain focussed and optimistic, do all the small things that matter and are very successful.  There are others who seem to be blessed with a great entrepreneurial spirit, huge energy and optimism and should be highly successful, yet fail, or at least don’t ever reach their expectations.

I am intrigued with how this happens and whether we can identify those key ingredients and then replicate and / or teach them.   Is business success predictable and, if so, how do we apply that knowledge to help business owners who are starting out or who get ‘stuck’ along the way?

There is an attribute I have identified as the ‘entrepreneurial mindset’.   If you think about this phrase it is more than being entrepreneurial – it is the ‘mindset’ which accompanies it.   A ‘mindset’ requires a way of thinking, but it is more than that.   This mindset is a collection of thoughts, beliefs and ‘follow through’ habitual behaviours which are all intricately linked and which together fuel the outcomes. 

A key descriptor in the ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ is the word habitual.   Habits are funny things… they are both good and bad… positive and negative… uplifting and growing but also can be destructive.   They are easy to create but hard to break. Habitual behaviour seems to be at the heart of most human dynamics and consequently of most success or failure.

Boring as it may seem, it is possible that a good deal of business success lies in the habits of the leader – the daily habits, the weekly habits and beyond.   Success on paper is easy…. Determine the outcomes you wish to achieve.   Identify the behaviours which will lead to your desired outcomes, them commit to carrying out those behaviours on a daily, weekly, monthly – regular basis.   Very soon the habits are formed, and you are on your way to the outcomes you are seeking.

Like many things in life, it is not that easy.   Life is full of distractions and old habits are ingrained and hard to break.   Both the distractions and old habits work hand in hand to pull us off the course we have set or desired. Very soon we are nowhere near our desired outcomes.   Suddenly the fun and excitement is gone and business just gets hard.

At Leading Focus, we understand all of this, and what it takes to be a successful business owner. We also understand the value of having a trusted advisor, mentor, objective expert and / or someone to hold you accountable amidst the distractions of life and business. 

We invite you to sample how Leading Focus can assist you in your business – whether you are just getting started, feel stuck or simply want more. At the end of this article is a link for you to book a complimentary 30 minute Coaching Session where you can seek assistance with any business issue you would like to discuss.   Click it now, and book in.   We guarantee it will be the best 30 minutes you invest this week.

Meantime, think about your habits, and your mindset – most particularly whether or not they are guiding you to stay on track to success.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Rose Kelly


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